In the past, moving a tree was a costly, time-consuming process. Having the manpower to dig up the tree bell, lift it, and transport it to another location took days at a time. Thanks to modern ingenuity, and the custom-design capabilities at Fisherco, all that effort can be better spent elsewhere on the job!

Our company custom-designs durable, professional-grade tree scoops that can transplant large, heavy plants and trees to other locations in a snap. Manufactured with the greatest durability and strength in mind, our tree scoops can be made in 24 to 36-inch diameters.

Tree scoops from Fisherco are fabricated to fit Euro/Global Attachments, Universal Attachments, and tractor-type setups large (50HP+) and small (20-40HP+). They make the perfect working companion for landscapers and DIY home improvement enthusiasts with access to heavy equipment.

For more information concerning our tree scoops, or to speak to an expert about a custom design, please call Fisherco at 780-778-8914 or fill out the form below.